понедельник, 24 апреля 2017 г.

Food Loves Health

   It doesn’t come as quite as surprise that students tend to have a quick snack which principally consists of perishable food with food additives. After a while they could eat a horse what is called “Overeating”. And if you have ingestion and feel dizzy you won’t need greasy chips anymore. So avoid getting overweight you need to plan ahead your nutrition.
   First and foremost, abandon junk food. It has neither calcium nor nutritional value but a great deal of carbs and calories. If you are not aware of diet’s details, sleep on it and then resort to doctors’ help! You would face vast changes but you won’t be dying of hunger and feel much better. Everything depends on your persistence.
One stupid stereotype says:”Do you want to eat nourishing meals? Pay for it”. There is a lot of reasonably priced food that is available for everybody. Buy some cauliflower and thyme with rosemary and you’ll have a hearty breakfast!

So do not pass the opportunity of being health and full!

Olympic Hall

   Our job involves organizing events, plenty of various parties and of course making people being in high spirits. We are responsible for your good mood and a wide range of drinks on your tables. The company usually has its hands full due to the long list of emloyers.
   We do shift work but don’t worry – all of us are real professions and can work well in team.
   We work without days off and if it is necessary can do overtime. At the same time during our tea breaks all employees can lay off and keep calm under this pressure.
   Around the clock we are on the go because we work closely with other companies in our country. That’s why we are open to offers in order to make an improvement. It’s a demanding work that’s why we are head and shoulders above others.

   If you are enthusiastic about earning a good living and interested in career prospects we can’t leave you out of work. So we are waiting for you. Assess your skills and fill in application forms!   

воскресенье, 23 апреля 2017 г.

Appearance is Important


   The video of Sugata Mitra is as easy as ABC and I subscribe to the theory that the times of Empire have already gone but I honestly think it’s a rough idea. It’s my firm conviction that you can be truly a gifted child or maybe an eager beaver but you can’t acquire knowledge being out of control of some instructors. It’s a widespread belief that self-education can’t bring you enough benefit at any rate.
   The second video is my favorite because the speaker Sir Ken Robinson definitely hit the bull’s eye. It was mentioned that all children have a sense of curiosity from their childhood and the aim of their teachers, instructors and so on will not extinguish this fire in their eyes and cannot “encourage  follow the routine algorithms”.

    It’s a common knowledge that nowadays pupils/students in our country don’t get an education in order to become a leading authority in the field but to receive a diploma which is in the other words a plastic card. Just some of them grasp the importance of the aim of educationmaking progress.

   I take the view that it is necessary to create the only one exam after which all students can be divided into groups due to their specializations. In this way they would keep up with all subjects and prevent being dropped out of course and undoubtedly demonstrate their ability to work. 

Emotions make us alive

   Our mood is so flexible and it can change as fast as possible. You can be totally cheerful and delighted but suddenly you can revise some frustrating moments and you will be mixed up or confused. There aren’t any recipes to avoid it but I can tell how I fight with this feeling.
   First and foremost, don’t bottle up your emotions. It’s obvious that you don’t need to wear your heart on your sleeve but some small talks with friends or parents will prevent you feeling down in the dumps.
   A fit of jealousy is the worst one. Be contented and grateful for what you have. Laugh at people you come across, wink at boy you like and if he does the same you doubtlessly will be at the state of euphoria.
    Don’t shout. People are innocent if you are a bit under the weather or sick and tired.

So keep a cold head and don’t suppress your feelings in order not to be grumble.  

   It’s time to give myself away and put the cards on the table. Why City of Stars? Because of this amazing couple and their sweet song which inspires me to play piano and sing. It really gives me a burst of energy and I’m always on the cloud nine after its review. It tends to touch my innermost feelings even after 100th time.

Communication, Guys

   It doesn’t come as quite as surprise that communication is one of the most important things in all lives. Today I am going to put you forward some interesting word combinations and phrasal verbs. 

Not Yours But Word Family

   During learning English I came across a great deal of words which are annoyingly confusing and long. I began to break them down into small, manageable chunksroots and affixes. And it makes sense! 
   And now I lost my phobia when I deal with “xenophobia”, “anthropology” and so on. If you want to strengthen your knowledge in a successful way you need to clarify all these Greek and Latin suffixes and prefixes in order to manage with all compound words. For instance, compose – poser, transport – airport. In addition, it can prevent you from misspelling. For the true philologists it will be beneficial to grasp the importance of doing it. 
   So make the right decision, brighten your vocabulary and don’t underestimate it!

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